The Ultimate Guide of Living in Fethiye Turkey: The Perfect Beach Town

Do you want to know one of the secret places where people from the UK like to retire in Turkey? That is right it is Fethiye on Turkey’s mediterranean coast. In this article we will discuss the cost of living, healthcare, food, culture and more.

Here is a list of everything you will need to know to live or retire to Fethiye Turkey:

  • Is Fethiye Turkey worth visiting?
  • Is Fethiye a good place to live?
  • Where should I live?
  • Is it safe to retire in Fethiye, Turkey?
  • How many foreigners live in Fethiye?
  • Is Marmaris or Fethiye better?
  • What is the best time to visit Fethiye?
  • Does Fethiye have a nightlife?
  • Is Marmaris or Fethiye better?
  • Which airport do you fly to for Fethiye?
  • What are the most popular restaurants?
  • Is Fethiye better than Antalya?
  • How much does it cost to rent or buy?
  • What is the cost of living in Fethiye, Turkey?
  • What is Healthcare like in Fethiye, Turkey?

Now that you know what people mainly ask before heading to Fethiye Turkey I can answer each of these questions for you to prepare you for your first visit.

Is Fethiye Turkey worth visiting?

Yes, Fethiye Turkey is worth visiting and is one of the secret beachside getaways and for retirement for people from the United Kingdom. There is a 4 km beach and heaps of parks and activities for children or grandchildren. As well as a beach full of restaurants it also has an old town with many more shops and a portside with even more restaurants and bars.

So not only do you have a great laid back beach environment you also have a central shopping area and the bigger commercial section at the back of town as well. The commercial area is where you can get furniture, hardware and all your bigger items for longer term living.

For all the boating enthusiasts there is a large port as well where you could moor your boat quite cheaply compared to other locations around Europe or hire one for the day while you are there. Getting in and on the water are great reasons for visiting.

Here are a few facts worth knowing about Fethiye Turkey:
Population: 150k
Temperature: 6°C to 32°C / 43°F to 91°C

NOTE: I know that seems a little cold but that is the night time temperature in winter and the daytime temperature is around 15°C or 60°F and that is only December through to February in their Winter. If you don’t like the cold you could visit Asia for a few months with all the money you have saved living there.

Is Fethiye a good place to live?

Yes, it is a great place to live. You will have a great mix of Turkish people combined with European people, a majority of which will be people from the UK who have holiday homes there or have retired there after finishing work. It has a 4km beach and plenty of shopping as well as all the longer term items that can be found in the commercial section at the back of town.

Some beach towns don’t have all the amenities for long term living but Fethiye does with furniture, hardware and many other stores you need for daily living that you don’t need when on holiday. As with most of the mediterranean towns along Turkey you will find a lot of people from the UK. This has meant that housing styles have changed dramatically to a more comfortable western feel with better kitchens and bathrooms than you will find in other places in Turkey.

Where should I live in Fethiye?

The beachfront is the most desired location and within a few streets of the beach is where most foreigners live. If the budget is too high in the first few rows you can go a little further back for about half the price in rental and property prices. The modern houses a little further inland are European style with large bathrooms and showers and everything you would expect in the UK or USA.

Is it safe to retire in Fethiye, Turkey?

It is 100% safe to live in Fethiye and there is very little crime or even pickpockets. You can comfortably walk around at any time of the day or night anywhere in town and feel safe. The locals are very welcoming and are always happy to help with anything you might need. Being a tourist and retirement town you will also find plenty of people who speak English. 

How many foreigners live in Fethiye?

There are about 8000 foreigners that call Fethiye their permanent home with about 5000 of those being people from the UK. These numbers swell dramatically during peak tourist seasons and you will find a lot of people that come back a few times a year that you could make friends with as well.

If you are not sure about whether Fethiye is for you check out the other places in Turkey you could possibly retire below.

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What is the best time to visit Fethiye?

The best time to visit Fethiye is from May to October where the daytime average temperature is 25°C or above. The water temperatures are also great during that time of year as well with them being 23°C to 29°C or 73°F to 84°F. This makes it always a few degrees cooler than the air temperature and great for going for a swim. With more people around town during these times as well there are more events and activities to do there as well.

Does Fethiye have a nightlife?

Yes it sure does along the beach at the bars and restaurants and it also has some night clubs if your younger family comes to visit and want to party a little longer at night. The town has a lazy start to the day being a usual beach culture and this also means the meal times are a little later as well and you will find plenty of UK style food there as well. As well as the beachfront you will also find more restaurants and bars along the port as well where you can meet up with friends and have food and a few drinks.

NOTE: Keep in mind Fethiye is more of a relaxed beach style town and if nightlife is what you are looking for then Marmaris is definitely a better choice for you.

Is Marmaris or Fethiye better?

Fethiye is better for retirement and a slower pace of life while Marmaris is a tourist resort town with a lot more going on and a huge nightlife. In the tourist season you will get more people wanting a relaxing holiday in fethiye whereas in Marmaris it is younger people wanting to not only go to dinner but party the night away.

Keep in mind both towns have a lively UK expat community so you will make friends easily in both places but just a different type of friend. If you are early in your retirement or retired early, Fethiye may be a little bit slower for you and maybe you can migrate there later on.

NOTE: If you like the idea of Marmaris having a bigger nightlife but don’t want to actually live right in it then check out the next town around the coast İçmeler which is the slower version of the town but you can get a taxi or water taxi cheap around the corner. Nothing like catching a boat to dinner!

Which airport do you fly to for Fethiye?

The most common airport to fly to Fethiye is Antalya and then to get an airport shuttle down to town which will take about 3 hours. Alternatively, you can go to Dalaman Airport 50 mins drive away which is in the next town over but only has direct flights to London with Turkish Airlines and all other destinations bounce off Istanbul. You will generally get more deals to Antalya airport as the bigger airport of the two.

What are the most popular restaurants in Fethiye?

There are many restaurants along the beach, near the port and in the old town so you have heaps to choose from when eating out. As well as many of the usual Turkish dishes you will also find a lot of the Pommie (UK) favourites as well. This means that not only can you have a Turkish breakfast you can also get an English breakfast as well at most restaurants.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular restaurants in Fethiye:

That is heaps to get your started and you will find more as you look around town as well. You can see from the selection above that there is plenty of variety and heaps of good quality restaurants.

Is Fethiye better than Antalya?

I personally like Antalya better than Fethiye but I am a more city type of guy where there is a lot more to do and see at your fingertips and great transport links around the country and world. If however you like smaller beach towns and want a slower pace of life in your retirement than Fethiye is definitely for you. Fethiye has a sand beach where Antalya has a pebble beach so if I was choosing on a beach alone it would be Fethiye every time.

IMPORTANT: If you have a few medical issues and need specialists then Antalya is definitely where you should go and then do day or weekend trips to Fethiye.

If you want to know more about Antalya check out the full article on it here:

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How much does it cost to rent in Fethiye, Turkey?

For a 2 bed apartment in Fethiye for a month you will pay about $250 USD and with a pool $360 USD further back from the beach. If you want something right on the beach you will pay about $900+ USD per month which gives you a good comparison on prices.

Here is a link to a real estate you can check for current property:

LINK: Faralya Real Estate Fethiye

NOTE: Prices will change depending on your distance from the beach and amenities like in any town but your money will stretch much further here.

What is the cost of living in Fethiye, Turkey?

The cheapest you can live in Fethiye is about $635 USD for a 2 bed 1 bath apartment that is in the centre of town. If you want to live in a house rather than an apartment then it will cost you around $1155 USD. If you want to be closer to the beach it will cost you a little more as well the closer you get.

Two of the options are available in the table below: 

ExpenseMonthly Cost
Rent (2 bed)$250 USD
Rent (4 bed)$770 USD
Utilities (Electricity / Water / Gas)$85 USD
Mobile$5 USD – Turkcell
Groceries (Including Bottled Water)$100 USD
Dining Out (2 people X 8 times)$80 USD
Internet$15 USD (1000Mb down / 20Mb Up) – Turkcell
Petrol$100 USD Car (80 L or 20 gal) 
Total (2 Bed)$635 USD
Total (3 Bed)$1155 USD

What is Healthcare like in Fethiye, Turkey?

The health care in Fethiye Turkey is great for every day health care and they have 3 hospitals with one that is brand new. If you need specialist care you will find yourself needing to go to Antalya as the nearest place you will find everything else you need is a 3 hours drive away. The Private Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital is the highest rated hospital in town.

When you first go to Turkey you will have to have health insurance so you have the choice of getting a local plan that will be way cheaper or a global health insurance that will cost you from Cigna $443 USD per month for someone that is 65yo at the writing of this article.

You can check to the following websites for International health insurance pricing for Turkey:

Some of the local providers of health insurance are:

The good news is that you can also go on the global health in turkey for about $85 USD per month after staying in the country for a year. This is their public health system so while it will be.

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