About Me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Glen Brown and I have traveled all over the world for work, long term holidays and more recently as a Digital Nomad.

I started with my work travelling a few weeks a year and some personal trips and then got to a point where I spent half the year overseas teaching industrial automation. When I quit full time work in early 2018 I started travelling on my own and spending a month at a time in each country.

I have had some time off with COVID borders being closed but am now back at it. I thought it would be a great time to share some useful places that I have found on my journeys where you can retire cheaply and safely. Places where your money will stretch that little bit further.

I like looking into the lifestyles, real estate, costs of living, food and meeting many locals to get their point of view on what it is like to live there long term. I have learned a lot from my travels and am happy to share it with you while I also look for somewhere I could retire early too in a safe and more affordable country.

Every week I share tips and tricks about travel and how to make your dollar go further in each of the countries I have visited as well as updating articles as I revisit the countries post Covid.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site!

Warm regards,

Glen Brown.