The 8 Best Places to Retire on the Nile in Egypt

An Aerial Shot of the City of Cairo

The Nile river is known for being one of the crown jewels of Egypt. Tons of people from all over the world visit this renowned river every year. In this article we will discuss the best cities for you to retire in Egypt along the Nile.

The Best Cities To Live or Retire on the Nile In Egypt are:

  • Rasheed
  • Cairo
  • Giza
  • Helwan
  • Beni Suef
  • Minya
  • Luxor
  • Aswan

Now that you know the cities we will be looking at let’s explain why they are great to retire

Is Egypt a good place to retire?

Population: 102 million
Climate: 10°C to 32°C / 50 to 89°F
Capital City: Cairo
Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Language: Egyptian Arabic

If you’re looking for a retirement home that is rich in history and culture with much to do and see, Egypt is a great place to live. It has a rich history that includes the great pyramids, the Nile Delta and well-known Egyptian towns all across the world. 

While there are many stunning sights to explore, another popular reason for retiring to Egypt is the inexpensive cost of living. Due to a beneficial exchange rate for people traveling from Europe and North America, expats can live a high-standard lifestyle for significantly less money, and their pensions can easily be stretched to last.

The Nile River travels for 6,600 kilometers (4,100 miles) until it empties into the Mediterranean Sea. The river has offered a supply of irrigation for hundreds of years that transformed the parched plains surrounding it into rich agricultural land. The river is still used as an irrigation source as well as a major transit and trading route today.

The Nile River is gorgeous and you may witness a wonderful sunset from its banks. They also offer Nile cruises for a limited time. The Nile Coast is beautiful, peaceful, calm and clean, and it is surrounded by centuries-old wonderful historical sites.

Retiring in cities near the Nile river will guarantee you to have a lovely view all year around. It will not only be beautiful but it will also help you to save your pensions a little bit more since everything in Egypt is very affordable.

What are the best cities to live in?

There are plenty of cities for you who want to start the next chapter of your life near the magnificent Nile river. It’s up to you to pick whether you want a  metropolitan city or a quiet suburban town.

Is Rasheed a good place to retire on the Nile?

Temperature: 10°C to 32°C / 50°F to 89°F
Population: 74k

This beautiful little city is the northernmost city on the Nile that was formerly where a battlement was placed to protect the entrance to the Nile. If you like the smaller town feel but still like the access to the amenities of a bigger town then this would be great for you as Alexandria is only a 1 hour drive away.  

Keep in mind that in smaller towns in Egypt they are more welcoming but also as a mouslim country more strict on their thoughts on appropriate behavior.  The upside is that you are on the Nile in a place that is incredibly cheap to live in. It also has that old school charm of being in a movie set with narrow winding streets.

There are no airbnb or facebook marketplace rentals for Rasheed and only a couple of hotels so I would suggest when you go to check the plae out to stay on the outskirts of Alexandria and drive over to look around.  Property prices for monthly rentals are around $200 to $400 USD per month for a 2 to 3 bedroom.

There is a larger general hospital and two smaller hospitals in town and you won’t have access in town to specialists but they will be all that hour drive away in Alexandria. The local hospital should be able to help with most of your daily life needs but remember the hospital there is quite basic.

What to do in Rasheed:

NOTE: While the town does not have too much in the way of sights to see there are many more in surrounding areas a short drive away but it will mean you need a car. Like in any small town you will find it easier with a car.

Popular restaurants in Rasheed:

NOTE: Being a small rural town there are a lot of locally family run restaurants and a mountain of street food to be tried. It is all authentic foods and you will get a true Egyptian food experience. There are no global takeaway food restaurants and you can guarantee the food is fresh and straight from the farm. There is a town wide challenge to make the best fruit cocktail so be sure to check them out.

Is Cairo a good place to retire on the Nile?

Temperature: 11°C to 34°C / 52°C to 93°F
Population: 9.5 million

Cairo is Egypt’s capital city located beside the lovely Nile River. It is also Africa’s largest city and the world’s sixth largest city which offers a plethora of sights and activities. This city is filled with history, exciting activities, exquisite coffee and world-class restaurants.

The pyramids are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cairo where millions of people visit them each year. There are countless pyramids that you can visit on your day off in the Egyptian desert. The Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Khufu and the Queens’ Pyramids of Giza are all must-sees.

You should also see the Sphinx of Giza which is located near the pyramids. Make your arrangements to see the pyramids and the sphinx early in the morning to escape the crowds and scorching sun. Sakkara, Memphis, Giza Necropolis, and Museum of Islamic Art Cairo are among the other sights to see in Cairo.

The health care is equal or better than that provided in the USA and equal to that in Europe. Going to see a doctor in Cairo will also cost you a lot less. There is every specialist you can think of in the city as well as all the basic medical care with medication at much lower prices.

It is the safest city in Egypt due to it being the most developed and the police focus especially on making sure expats and tourists are looked after.  This is because tourism is a large part of their GDP at 12%.

What To Do in Cairo:

Popular Restaurants in Cairo

Is Giza a good place to retire?

Temperature: 9°C to 35°C / 48°F to 95°F
Population: 8.8 million 

Giza is Egypt’s second-largest metropolis after Cairo and it is Africa’s fourth-largest city after Kinshasa, Lagos and Cairo. Giza is one of Egypt’s most visited cities by foreigners that is located on the southwest of Cairo and on the west bank of the Nile River. 

With an area of 85,153 km2, foreigners flock to Giza from all over the world to see its many Pharaonic monuments including one of the world’s seven ancient wonders The Pyramids of Giza. Giza also offers a lot of things to do including the Zoser Step Pyramid, Dahshur and  Memphis.

What To Do in Giza:

Popular Restaurants in Giza:

Is Helwan a good place to retire on the Nile?

Temperature: 10°C to 35°C / 50°F to 95°F
Population: 650k

Helwan is a satellite city of Cairo further down the Nile but slowly growing to almost being joined with the capital city.  You get access to everything that Cairo has to offer with a more relaxed smaller city vibe. There is a wide array of foods to choose from and restaurants to eat at.

As well as all the local foods you will also have access locally to the global fast food chains and even a European western supermarket which is Carrefour. All over Egypt they love their meat but here they love meat more in Helwan and when you look at the restaurant food you will know why.  There are also a lot of cheap options due to the Helwan University close by as well.

There are multiple good quality hospitals locally and easy access to any specialist you can think of. The Helwan metro stop is the end of the subway line directly into the heart of Cairo. This makes it the best mix for someone that needs some specialist attention, wants to live on or near the Nile but also wants to be somewhere less busy than Cairo or New Cairo.

What to do in Helwan:

NOTE: Being on the Cairo metro so you have access to everything on the whole of greater Cairo as well.

Popular Restaurants in Helwan:

NOTE: There are endless restaurants to try around the local area as well as within a few stops on the metro or subway.

Is Beni Suef a good place to retire on the Nile?

Temperature: 10°C to 39°C / 50°F to 102°F
Population: 230k

This beautiful little town is well known for cement production, agriculture and the large university campus across the Nile. Not only does it have all the amenities that you could want, it also has a University hospital with all the latest equipment and well trained staff.

There are a couple of regional airports around and plenty of heliports but being only 2 hours drive from Cairo means that most people just drive or get an airport shuttle or car to town.  The train that runs down the Nile runs every 2 hours and for the price of around 3 USD you can get there to Cairo in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The mix of this town being tourist, agriculture and university driven means that you always have cheap places to stay, a vibrant youthful feel and great produce.  University students always like a cheap meal and drinks as well as accommodation so if you steer clear of the tourist areas you are always likely to get a bargain when renting.

PROTIP: You won’t find much on Airbnb here but you will find places to stay for the short term as you have a look around to see if the town is for you. Just type into google maps the search “Hotels near Beni Suef” and “Motels near Beni Suef” for results.

What to do around Beni Suef:

NOTE: You have the train you can explore up and down the Nile with as well as water transport to do the same. You can jump on the train for day trips to Cairo as well which is great if you have guests or for them to get down to you from Cairo Airport. Keep in mind you can do short courses at the University as well once you learn Arabic or maybe you learn that there.

Popular restaurants in Beni Suef:

Is Minya a good place to retire?

Temperature: 5 to 35 C° / 41 to 95 F°
Population: 257k

Minya is in the middle of Egypt and is known as the Bride of Northern Egypt because of its location. Cotton gins, wheat mills, sugarcane factories and the rug-weaving business are all important industries in Minya. Farming of cane and onions is also very popular in Minya. 

Minya is home to a number of remarkable ancient sites. You can gaze at Tell El Amarna, walk through prehistory at Beni Hassan, and then travel to Tuna El Gabal & El Ashmunein, the Virgin Mary Monastery, El Bahnasa.

El Minya has become a tourist destination due to its hotels and resorts along the corniche and spectacular views of the Nile River as well as certain ferry boats that traverse both shores of the Nile River. It has also become a transit hub for travelers visiting the Middle East.

What To Do in Minya:

Popular Restaurants in Minya:

Is Luxor a good place to retire on the Nile?

Temperature: 7°C to 37°C / 45°F to 99°F
Population: 1.3 million

Luxor is a city in southern Egypt on the east side of the Nile. Luxor is a city marked by the astounding Pharaonic Age ruins. It’s now known as the world’s best open-air museum with some of the most spectacular views and sightseeing. 

You can see the Karnak and Luxor Temple structures as well as the temples of the famous Pharaohs Ramesses II and III and the Valley of the Kings on the other side of the Nile. Many Islamic attractions like the Abu Haggag Mosque atop the Luxor Temple, the scenic corniche, and the souk and street marketplaces, are also available.

It has 3 major hospitals with a general hospital for the locals and an international hospital with English speaking staff for expats and tourists.  The final hospital is a specialist hospital that looks after the more complicated operations. There are multiple medical clinics in town with English speaking doctors.

The crime in Luxor is mainly petty crime with pickpocketing and burglary being some of the most common.  It is extremely safe to wander around during the day and a little less so at night. Part of my personal security rules is to not go into bad parts of town late at night flashing your wealth in any city and the same goes for Luxor.

It is also only a 2.5 hour drive to the red sea where there are plenty of beach side resorts and little towns you can stay in and explore.  You can also take boats up and down the Nile as well and explore the other cities there as well.  This adds to the amount of things you can do in Luxor.

What To Do in Luxor:

Popular Restaurants in Luxor:

Is Aswan a good place to retire?

Temperature: 1°C to 20°C / 59°C to 86°F
Population: 1.6 million

Aswan is recognized for its stunning views of the Nile Valley as well as famous archeological sites and tranquil atmosphere. Its weather is pleasant all year which makes it an ideal place to retire for those who can’t stand long and cold winters. It is the last city on the Nile and a trading port for anything coming back up to Cairo.  It also has its own international airport for easy access.

The city offers spectacular vistas and attractions for felucca sailing on the Nile (Egyptian sailboat). The river runs softly from Lake Nasser and passes through several islands flanked by black granite and lush vegetation. Sailing to historical places including Philea, the Elephantine Island, Nubian Museum, Agha Khan Tomb, Monastery of St. Simeon, and the Botanical Island allows you to learn about Aswan’s rich history and culture. The Temple of Abu Simbel, the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Aswan High Dam are all fantastic historical sites.

Apart from Aswan’s historical attractions, the Nubian Village which also known as “Gharb Seheyl” provides a distinct cultural experience. Discover the final relics of the Nubian culture that coexisted with the Ancient Egyptians by exploring the colorful village. 

There is only one hospital in town but it is also a teaching hospital so has the latest equipment for teaching new doctors.  For further specialist treatment it would mean a trip up the Nile to Luxor or a flight to Cairo or Alexander.  There are plenty of medical clinics around town and a healthy tourist population all year round to meet new people from all over the world.

The level of crime is very low with petty crime and house break-ins the only minor concern. As I mentioned above, unit living is a great way to reduce that minor risk where the reception is always monitored.  Bribery as with most of Egypt is a thing but it should not affect you much when retiring there.  Sometimes it can help if you need something done fast. 

What To Do in Aswan:

Popular Restaurants in Aswan:

NOTE: If you want to know more about prices check this article to find out Cost of Living And Retiring In Egypt: The Surprising Truth.

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