Retire in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

If you’re thinking of retiring in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is an excellent place to consider. We’ll talk about the weather, how many people live there, how to get around, and all the other essentials you’ll need to move and live happily there.

You should retire in Santo Domingo because it is the Dominican Republic’s largest city and capital, with a vibrant culture and friendly people. It offers low-cost high-quality accommodation, food, entertainment and a laid-back lifestyle. Even though it is the oldest Caribbean city it has modern hospitals and a great transportation system.

Here are some reasons why you should retire to Santo Domingo:

  • Great Weather
  • Happy and Welcoming People
  • Great Diverse Food
  • Decent Public Transport
  • Cheap Accomodations
  • Rich in History
  • Great Outdoor and Local Attractions

Now let’s take a closer look at why Santo Domingo might be an Ideal retirement place for you!

Is Santo Domingo a good place to retire?

Population: 970 thousand
Currency: Dominican peso
Language: Spanish

With over 500 years of history, Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the Americas. It’s also one of the most cost-effective places to live or retire in the region. New glass high-rises coexist with centuries-old stone cathedrals on the skyline.  Its European cultural past coexists with a uniquely Latin tradition of warmth, flair and the need to live life to its fullest.

In the previous decade, the Dominican Republic’s infrastructure has vastly improved. Most of the resort and beach districts are now connected by new motorways, and Santo Domingo’s historic zone is getting a makeover. Utility wires are being buried below, and new roads and sidewalks are being erected. Greater accessibility is the result of recently improved airports and more flights from the United States. It takes two hours to fly from the east coast of the United States to the Dominican Republic.

In most southern hemisphere countries, the high season for tourists is from November to February during the warmer months. During this time short-term rental charges can be up to four times the price. The town comes alive and becomes a popular vacation spot with many more activities and events at the same time.

This city’s food is quite diversified, ranging from regional and national delicacies to international cuisines like Middle Eastern and Syrian-Lebanese. Mangú is a plantain dish commonly served with eggs, salami, and Queso Frito.  Queso Frito which is just another term for fried cheese that completes this national breakfast dish.

Tourist Information Link:

What Is The Weather Like In Santo Domingo?

In the summer between November and March the weather in Santo Domingo is very pleasant for outdoor activities and going to the beach with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 28°C or 77°F to 82°F on average. Temperatures in the winter are relatively the same but just with more rain. 

The weather in Santo Domingo is ideal weather for anyone suffering from arthritis as most people suffering this feel better in the warmer, more humid weather.  The humidity is on average about 80% all year round but you are never far from a beach and all businesses and homes have air conditioning as well..

The final thing you need to know about the weather is that hurricane or cyclone season officially runs from June to November.  While this won’t affect you too much in Santo Domingo, if you have beachfront property on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island it is something to think about when purchasing.

How Are The People In Santo Domingo?

Santo Domingo residents are among the kindest people on the planet. The people are much like the rest of the Spanish speaking countries where it is all about family and sharing throughout the numerous Fiestas. Santo Domingo is also regarded for being one of the friendliest cities in Latin America for senior citizens. You will witness retirees enjoying their retirement and being active and social during parties and gatherings on the streets of Santo Domingo.

How Is The Food In Santo Domingo?

Santo Domingo’s restaurant scene is diverse including both local and international cuisines  as the Caribbean’s most populous and cosmopolitan metropolis. There are as many and as diverse food alternatives as there are communities in the city. You can  try Dominican cuisine, American burgers, Asian Cuisine or Vegetarian dishes. They are all available at such inexpensive prices in this city so you wouldn’t have to worry about eating out in Santo Domingo.

Here Are A Few Recommended Restaurants In The City:

TIP: If you want to look for more restaurants in Santo Domingo on Google Maps, Use these keywords to make your search easier “restaurante” “comida” “cafe”

NOTE: Some of these websites are in Spanish. If you don’t know any spanish, be sure to enable your auto translate feature in Google Chrome.

How Is Public Transportation In Santo Domingo?

The public transportation system in Santo Domingo is surprisingly modern with frequent services. It is a thriving city with people constantly on the go and there is always something to see when you go for a coffee and watch the passing crowds.

There are Taxis and Uber with plenty of both so you can always get a ride. There are local bus services as well as the regional services to the other cities and towns on the island. There is also a subway in town that you can use to get around as well.  

Aside from being the most cost-effective mode of transportation, the public transportation system is a fantastic way to see everyday life in Santo Domingo and is sure to be a memorable experience.

Here Are Some of The Public Transportation Available in Santo Domingo:

  • Subway
  • Taxis
  • Uber
  • Buses
  • Subway / Metro
  • Motorbike Taxi
  • Minivan Buses

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Santo Domingo?

Although Santo Domingo is more expensive than other cities in the Dominican Republic, it is still much cheaper than what you usually pay in the United States. A three bedroom, two bathroom apartment in the centre of San Domingo will start at around $160k USD to buy. As for a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment near the city centre and the beach will cost you around $85k USD to buy.

If you rent a one-bedroom home in Santo Domingo, you may expect to pay between $230 and $400 USD per month. You can pay less if you live in the area outside of the city centre and not near the beach. Then depending on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want and whether you want a freestanding house the prices will increase like anywhere in the world. 

My advice is to go for a month, take advantage of Airbnb’s monthly discount and check out the area before renting or buying a local apartment or house.

Here Are A Few Real Estates Agent You Can Look Into:

TIP: If you want to look for more real estate agents in Santo Domingo on Google Maps, use these keywords to make your search easier “inmobiliaria” “bienes raíces” 

What Is Santo Domingo Known For?

Being the oldest city in the Americas, Santo Domingo holds plenty of beautiful and important historical sites that are worth visiting. Its Colonial City is a significant UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was established in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and covers a total of 106 hectares. As an early colonial town in the New World, this city is considered universally culturally significant due to having the first hospital, university, customs house and cathedral in America’s.  It also set the grid pattern city framework most cities use right up to the current day.

Various monuments of cultural and historical significance as well as houses of great figures of the society of the time. These can be found in the Ciudad Colonialwhich has well over 300 historical landmarks in the area.  It is impossible to overlook important streets such as Las Damas street which was the first cobbled street in the Americas that has heaps of historical buildings on it.

Here Are A Few Historical Landmarks In Santo Domingo:

What To Do In Santo Domingo

Whether you want to enrich your mind by going to historical places or you want to simply sunbathe and swim all day in some georgoes white sand beaches, you can have all of those in Santo Domingo! 

With it’s stable temperature everyday it is always the perfect day to walk around the city and enjoy the many attractions that Santo Domingo has to offer.  If shopping is more our thing then there is plenty of that to do in the city as well.

Here Are Some Activities You Can Do During Your Off Day:

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