How To Retire In Poland: A Great Place To Live

Do you wish to retire to Poland but don’t know how to do that exactly? We will walk you through it in this article from visas, costs, property prices and much more. Retiring to another country can spice up your retirement and bring with it memories you will cherish forever.

Here’s all you need to know about living in Poland and retiring there:

  • Is Poland a good country to live in?
  • How much does it cost to retire in Poland?
  • Can foreigners buy property in Poland?
  • Is living in Poland safe?
  • How expensive are groceries in Poland?
  • How do you get around in Poland?
  • Do foreigners receive free healthcare in Poland?
  • What to do in Poland?

Have you given any thought to these questions about retiring to Poland? Then read below for more information before embarking on your new life in Poland!

Is Poland a good country to live in?

Temperature: -9°C to 24°C / 25°F to 76°F
Population: 38.5 million

Poland is smack dab in the middle of Europe. It is the continent’s seventh largest country with a total land of 312,679 km2 (120,728 sq mi). Warsaw is the country’s capital with around 2 million people. Poland is bordered on the west by Germany, on the south by the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on the east by Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania, and on the north by Russia.

It has 700 millimeters of rainfall. Poland’s weather can be quite fickle and will change quite quickly. Summers can be beautiful with nice warm days and cool nights. Winters can be bitterly cold, with snowfall possible from November through March. Temperatures typically range from 0°C to -9°C from December to mid – february. The mountain slopes are generally covered in snow during this time and great for skiing.

Since the formation of the first Polish state over 1000 years ago, Poland has been a country of survivors, located in the heart of the Northern European plain. People have managed to keep their identity throughout the country’s traumatic past. It is now the biggest of the formerly Eastern European nations and one of the most populated EU member States.

In 2007 it became a member of the Schengen Area visa. As a result, passport checks on Poland’s borders with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania have been eliminated.  This allows free travel across Europe once in Poland.

How much does it cost to retire in Poland?

Poland is 70 percent cheaper on average than the United States, with real estate prices 85 percent lower. In comparison to the United States, food is quite inexpensive.

Here’s a list of some common bills you might encounter:

Utilities (Electricity & Gas)$185 USD / month
Petrol (1 Gallon / 3.8 L)$5 USD
Internet $14 USD / month
Rent – 3 bed / 2 bath / 2 car$825 USD / month
Rent – studio apartment$474 USD / month
Meal for 2 in an inexpensive restaurant$13 USD
Hourly rate for cleaning help$5 USD

NOTE: Your expenses may be significantly lower depending on your lifestyle, but these are prices for a standard of life comparable to that of the United States. If you want to know more about prices check this article Cost Of Living In Poland: The Hard Facts.

Can foreigners buy property in Poland?

Yes, you can. You don’t need any special permission to buy an existing unit or house but will need special permission to buy undeveloped land from the ministry of the interior. Once you have stayed there for 5 years you can become a permanent resident and there are no rules for the purchase of land any more.

In Poland, there are possibilities for all budgets, whether you are purchasing or renting. You can head to Facebook Marketplace if you’re looking for a shared property or to deal directly with the owner of a property. Select Poland or the certain city you prefer from the drop-down menu and then Property Rentals or House Sales. Keep in mind that costs will be in local Polish złoty or Euros.

It is always safer to go via a real estate agent for purchases or long-term leases, and I have included a few for you to consider below. They will inform you of any applicable local laws, fees, and taxes.

IMPORTANT: If you’re buying a home in any country, make sure you seek the necessary legal guidance first to ensure everything is in order.

Here are a few real estates agents you can consider:

NOTE: Some of these websites are in Polish. Enable your auto-translate feature on Google Chrome to see the website in English

TIP: If you’re looking for real estate agent in Poland on Google Maps, type in “nieruchomość” 

Is living in Poland safe?

Poland is regarded as a really safe and welcoming country in which to live. It is among the safest member states in the EU. Polish people are well-known for their friendliness which will make you feel even safer. People feel safe walking around cities at any time of day or night. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are rare in Poland making it an ideal spot to retire.

How expensive are groceries in Poland?

While eating out in Poland is inexpensive, you may choose to cook dinner at home occasionally. Which means a visit to the market or grocery store. Look for the terms sklep spożywczy, supermarkety, and rynek when searching on Google Maps to find more local grocery stores in poland.

Here are some general prices for staples in Poland:

Milk1 Liter / 1 quart$0.75 USD
Bread1 Loaf$1 USD
Eggs1 Dozen$2.1 USD
Beef1 kg/ 2.2 pounds$3 USD
Chicken Breasts1 kg/ 2.2 pounds$2.3 USD
Beer12$1.3 USD
Vodka1 Liter / 1 quart$12 USD

Here is a common local supermarket you can look at for current prices:


NOTE: these prices were only valid at the making of this article and check the grocery websites below for current pricing.

How do you get around in Poland?

Poland has a well-developed and economically priced bus and rail system, albeit it is not always fast or efficient. Rail service has been one of the most efficient modes of transport for visitors to Poland to travel throughout the country. 

The road infrastructure is better than it was ten years ago but there are still traffic and parking issues. There are domestic flights but once you factor in wait times and travel to and from the airport the train in most cases is quicker.  There is local rail and subways as well as overland rail. 

Here are a few mode of transportation available in Poland:

Do foreigners receive free healthcare in Poland?

In Poland, you have the option of receiving treatment either through the public health system (which is free) or private. If you wish to receive free healthcare, you must be a member of the National Health Fund. You can use the private healthcare facilities, but they must have a National Health Fund contract.

If a person (even a foreigner) is not covered by the National Health Fund, he or she can receive healthcare for a price. The healthcare is paid for by the insurance company if the person has private insurance coverage. 

Many private medical institutions offer subscriptions, in which a monthly fee is given to the facility in exchange for a package of specified medical services. This can be a replacement for normal private health insurance.

Global private health insurance plans start at $329 USD per month with a $1015 USD deductible for major surgery.

Private insurance in Poland will start from $199 USD a month with a $1,000 USD deductible for any major surgeries.

You can check to the following websites of several pricing of International health insurance:

What to do in Poland

Poland has heaps of historical sites with Fourteen Unesco ’s World Heritage and  stunning natural landscapes, mountains, national parks, jagged coasts and some unusual natural wonders like the world’s earliest salt mine. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or wildlife, Poland has a lot to offer. 

Here are a few things you can do during your day off in Poland:

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