Best 10 Southern Hemisphere Coastal Towns To Retire

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Everybody is looking forward to starting a brand new life in retirement in a town with all the amenities near the beach. In this article we have 10 recommendations of great beach cities in the Southern Hemisphere that you can look into as your retirement destination.

The Best 10 southern coastal towns are:

  • Salinas, Ecuador
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Canggu, Indonesia
  • Seminyak, Indonesia
  • Kuta, Indonesia
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Lima, Peru
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Read more to find out why one of these locations might be perfect for you!

Is Salinas, Ecuador a good place to retire?

Temperature: 20°C to 28°C / 68°F to 82°F
Population: 50k

Salinas is a coastal city in Ecuador’s Santa Elena Province which is about 90 miles or 145 kms from Guayaquil, the capital of Ecuador. It is a major tourist destination and home to Ecuador’s most popular and luxurious beach lifestyle. The town is also home to the Salinas Yacht Club which has its own jetty to launch from. Salinas Beach is to the north and Chipipe Beach is to the south of the jetty which has a slightly more family-friendly vibe. 

It is the first of a row of towns along the coast worth exploring for their beaches and slower paced lifestyles. The consistent temperature all year also comes with an 80% humidity on average all year round which is usual in more tropical climates. This usually takes about a year to get used too but is great for relieving the aches and pains in the body and is much better on your skin. 

It also has a small rainy season from January to April where the most rain in the month is 100 mm or 4.3 inches of rain in February that normally falls in only 13 days of the month.  There is 259 days worth of sunshine on average per year here and water temps are great for swimming all year round, never dropping below 21°C or 70°F.

It’s mostly visited by Ecuadorian families who come down for the weekend. House prices for a 1 bedroom unit start at $50k USD for 50 sqm a walk to the beach and $100k USD for a 130 to 150sqm unit or condo on the beach. This makes it extremely affordable for most people to retire.

LINK: Lozada Real Estate – In spanish use the browser translate feature

Salinas is perhaps one of the least costly beach resorts in the world. A single person can get a wonderful room for the night in a boutique hotel one block from the malecón (the boardwalk) for $30 per night. In one of those upscale restaurants, a steak or seafood meal costs about $5 or $6. For roughly $2.50, you can eat fish or shrimp prepared any way you like at the local mercado (market).

In Salinas, a couple can live comfortably for roughly $1,200 per month including rent.

What To Do in Salinas:

Popular Restaurants in Salinas:

TIP: Some of these websites are in Spanish so you can use your auto translation on your web browser to translate it to English.

Is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil a good place to retire?

Temperature: 19°C to 30°C / 66°F to 86°F
Population: 6.7 million

Rio de Janeiro is South America’s most vibrant city and its famous Copacabana Beach welcomes visitors all year round. Brazilians are known for appreciating how to live and celebrate life and this is no more apparent than on their beaches. Volleyball and soccer, sunbathing and diving, partying and picnicking are all popular activities here. Everyone of all ages are welcome and it is a great way to make new friends.

One of the most iconic landscapes in South America is the view of Rio de Janeiro’s beach and the deep green forests beyond. From the Copacabana which is Rio’s most famous and dynamic beach to the maybe equally famous Ipanema Beach. If you prefer tranquil sunbathing to samba-infused beach fiestas this is the place for you. The city also has an abundance of off-the-beaten-path beaches if you don’t mind heading up and down the coast. You can also take the Sugarloaf Mountain cable car for breathtaking views of Rio’s beaches.

What To Do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

Popular Restaurants in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

Is Sydney, Australia a good place to retire?

Temperature: 8°C to 26°C / 46°F to 79°F
Population: 5.3 million

Sydney is known for its beaches as well as its opera house and the harbor bridge. The city offers a diverse range of activities, from the renowned Bondi Beach which is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations to some laid-back hidden gems and renowned naturist beaches. One thing is certain: the beautiful sand and perfect sunshine will make it one of your favorite beach days ever.

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most well known city and as the former capital before Canberra it has absolutely everything you could need. The city is on most people’s travel list for when they visit Australia and hence why it is on this list.  The property prices can be extremely high compared to other destinations but you trade that for one of the safest countries in the world with world leading health care and great friendly people.

LINK: Australia’s Leading Real Estate Website

What To Do in Sydney, Australia:

Popular Restaurants in Sydney, Australia:

Is Cape Town, South Africa a good place to retire?

Temperature: 11°C to 29°C / 52°F to 84°F
Population: 434k

Cape Town is one of Africa’s most interesting towns from its culture and food to its rough seaside beauty. Whether you want to participate in some water sports at Clifton Beach or go penguin spotting with the family at the lovely Boulders Beach, the city has something for everyone. Being in the southern hemisphere like all of these towns in the list Winter is in July and it is the hottest in February.  This is perfect for those retiring and following the sun where they spend October to March south of the equator and the other 6 months in the northern hemisphere.

There are numerous lovely, beautiful beaches with blue water ideal for sunbathing, swimming and a romantic picnic. There are also beaches with larger waves suitable for surfing. In addition to walking on the beach you can also go by horseback on Noordhoek beach as well.

What To Do in Cape Town, South Africa:

Popular Restaurants in Cape Town, South Africa:

Is Canggu, Indonesia a good place to retire?

Temperature: 22°C to 34°C / 71°F to 93°F
Population: 40k

Canggu, pronounced “changoo,” is a town just 9 miles north of Kuta town and a more relaxed retirement destination.  Kuta town is Bali’s most well-known party destination so it is not suitable for retirement but great for your younger family if they come to visit. From Berawa beach to Cemagi town the western coastline section stretches for around five kilometers.

Canggu is the new hotspot in Bali with a population of roughly 40,000 people but keep in mind the island of Bali has about 4.5 million people so you have all the amenities there you could want. Old-style Bali still remains and is always thriving with locals, tourists and expats as well as a blend of the old and new buildings as it is slowly upgraded.

Canggu as a prospective retirement destination offers a laid-back lifestyle while still being close enough to the larger town’s attractions without being too crowded. The international airport is just one hour away and Seminyak is only 15 minutes away as well as all the amenities of Denpasar town itself including many modern hospitals.

From $780 per month you can rent a furnished villa in a tranquil region close to one of the beaches. Some even have views of rice paddies while restaurants and cafés are just minutes away.

In Canggu a couple may rent and live very well for roughly $1,266 per month.

What To Do in Canggu, Indonesia:

Popular Restaurants in Canggu, Indonesia:

Is Seminyak, Indonesia a good place to retire?

Temperature: 22°C to 34°C / 71°F to 93°F
Population: 25k

Seminyak beach and the town of Seminyak which has its own eclectic collection of world-class restaurants, high-end spas, boutique shops, worldwide surf shops and lifestyle brand outlets. This town is on the stretch of spectacular beaches all along the south coast of Bali right near Canggu above.

Seminyak is an affluent beachfront neighborhood just north of Legian and Kuta and now it is Bali’s up-and-coming fashion, dining and hotel area. Seminyak runs from Double Six Street in the south to the villages of Kerobokan and Umalas north of Pura Petitenget temple around 10 kilometers from Denpasar which is Bali’s capital city. In comparison to Kuta the ambiance is much more sophisticated and laid-back and the beach in particular is much quieter during the day.

Seminyak is home to some of Bali’s best and most well-known restaurants and several of its streets are known for being must-see eating locations. Rich cuisines from all over the world created by highly talented chefs known around the world.

The majority of the smaller businesses line Seminyak’s Main Street (also known as Basangkasa Street) while Laksmana Street and many corners of Petitenget Street are home to a variety of other stylish retailers.

What To Do in Seminyak, Indonesia:

Popular Restaurants in Seminyak, Indonesia:

Is Kuta, Indonesia a good place to retire?

Temperature: 22°C to 34°C / 71°F to 93°F
Population: 60k

Kuta is a beach and resort region on the Indonesian island of Bali which is located in the south. It is well renowned for its lively environment and surfing in the Indian Ocean and it was one of Bali’s early tourist ventures. Kuta’s long steady waves make it a popular beginner’s surf destination. It is also known as the more youthful area on the island of Bali to go to so really only suitable for those that like the nightlife.

Kuta has some of Bali’s greatest beaches including a five-mile length of white sand that attracts surfers and sunbathers alike. When the golden sun sets, it is ideal to get a drink while enjoying the smooth and warm breeze of the beach. Kuta nightlife is fantastic with international tourists hopping from restaurant to nightclub in an attempt to take up as much of the Kuta experience as possible.

What To Do in Kuta, Indonesia:

Popular Restaurants in Kuta, Indonesia:

Is Auckland, New Zealand a good place to retire?

Temperature: 7°C to 24°C / 59°F to 73.4°F
Population: 1.7 million

Auckland is a vibrant city with everything you need plus access to a huge list of outdoor activities only a small drive away. Museums, wildlife sanctuaries, public gardens, bays and inactive volcanoes are all things you can visit while there. While Auckland lacks the South Island’s spectacular alpine background, it is flanked by beautiful locations that you will appreciate. This also comes with a warmer climate than the south island as well. 

Hiking is one of the most remarkable ways to get hands-on experience with the area’s unspoiled natural landscape which constantly gets awarded some of the best in the world. Scenic bike trips are popular where you can gain access to many locations in a short ride.

A few of the spectacular places to visit are Waitakere Ranges, Shakespear Regional Park and the Hunua Ranges. Mission Bay is the most popular beach because it is the closest to the city center. Some hidden jewels nestled along the western coast include Piha, Karekare and Bethells Beach

What To Do in Auckland:

Popular Restaurants in Auckland:

Is Lima, Peru a good place to retire?

Temperature: 15°C to 27°C / 59°F to 80°F
Population: 9.8 million

Lima is Peru’s capital city and is bordered by many historical remnants left by the Spanish occupation. Lima which was formerly dubbed as the City of Kings has become a huge municipality surrounded by gorgeous mountains and rivers and the magnificent Pacific Ocean coastlines.

Retirees are exposed to a beautiful variety of historical buildings and notable architectural styles due to the country’s rich history and culture. Lima is known as South America’s gourmet capital which features high-end eateries and a taste of local delicacies that provide a rich blend of flavors. 

With its rugged coastline and many beaches it is a popular cheaper alternative to some of the other more expensive beach side retirement locations. With such a large population there is every amenity at your fingertips that you could want.  It also is high enough in South America to have non stop flights to the USA around 8 to 9 hours depending on location and a 12 hour nonstop flight to Madrid.  This provides easy access to both the USA and Europe.

What To Do in Lima, Peru:

Popular Restaurants in Lima, Peru:

Is Buenos Aires, Argentina a good place to retire?

Temperature: 8°C to 29°C / 46°F to 84°F
Population: 15 million

Buenos Aires is a fast-paced, energetic and multicultural city. It has magnificent historical and artistic legacy, innovative and contemporary feel, heaps of entertainment, distinct cultures, a bustling cultural scene, extensive gardens and kind, welcoming people.

The Argentine capital is distinguished by its blend of Central and South America charm and global influences with large migrations from the USA, Italy and Japan. The present day Argentina has a distinct cultural atmosphere where you can see the Spanish tango being done in the streets to a town that loves traditional Italian pizza and American burgers.

Buenos Aires is known for its incredible lifestyle including everything from classic neighborhood local pubs to award winning bistros, huge nightclubs & subterranean bars and cafes suited to all tastes. Being a beef capital of the world the Argentinian BBQs can be found everywhere and meat prices are extremely low.  I bought 3 kgs of Osso Buccu for $5 USD or 2 kg of Chicken Parmesan for $4 USD which is called Milanesa locally.

What To Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Popular Restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

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